I designed my program to take any type of golfer to their next level. To create rapid change, the program includes a blend conscious and subconscious methods that include knowledge, hypnosis (conversational and traditional), NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming), As well as psychology, personal development, coaching, subliminal and brain training

My belief is that we are all greater than we realize, I love working with women helping them to see how their thoughts and beliefs can keep them limited. Working with golfers allows me to do just that and once they see how they can control things on the course and improve, it’s like a giant ah-ha moment for their life, and it trickles into their relationships and improves both their professional and personal lives.

My goal is to exceed your expectations and to get you to the level you desire. I consider my program an adventure in personal evolution and strive to meet your needs. If you are interested in working with me you can contact me here.

Topics in my program include:

Intention, expectations, decisions, and vision.

Beliefs- Are yours empowering or disempowering you?

Awareness of the body/mind and the importance of presence in the moment

Identifying your strengths and type of play

Attaining a higher level of focus and confidence

A winning mindset

For my female golfers – How the female brain is different and how you can begin using these differences to your advantage on the course

Overcoming fear

Emotional intelligence

Brain training and using your state for effective play




Positive self-talk/language

Self Image and Identity

What to do when you lose confidence

How to conquer an intimidating opponent

Curing perfectionism

The program can be delivered in a group setting or individual basis.  Please contact Nell Rose today!